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Here you can find the list of services we provide on-site with our event Wi-Fi Solution.

Event Wi-FI

VoIP Connections

Range Extending

POS Connections

Connect with your event

We supply reliable systems for small to large scale events across the UK. We provide Wi-Fi, VoIP Systems, POS Systems and a range of other services to help keep your event connected.

We can install at most locations in the UK and have a team that can support you for the duration of the event. Our systems are affordable and to rent and easy to acsess via our access points.

Affordable. Reliable. Easy.

Our service is easy to use and quick to install. We can install the kit on-site at your event and leave it running the whole time providing a reliable service for your event with additional support from our staff and installation team.

Martin Tulip
Hot Event Solutions

"dwmedia’s WiFi solution proved invaluable, and offered reliable internet connectivity for ticketing and card processing across our events working flawlessly when mobile phone data connections had long failed"

Our Process

A quick overview of our installation workflow


On-Site Testing

On-site visit to identify the best method for the install and connection.


Quote sent for approval

We will send a full quote to you for review with a report on where the installation would take place.


Install & Testing

We would arrive on-site and fully install the system and complete a full test of the system.


You are good to go!

Once we have completed the install, you are good to go and use your new Wi-Fi System.


Here are some of our frequently asked questions

Yes, we can provide a full-service package to keep the public online throughout your event.

Yes, we can provide satellite-based Wi-Fi solutions. These will be at a higher cost to our standard service though. We recommend getting in touch to find out what solutions are best for your site.

The install on-site can take up to 4 hours; however, it usually is faster. We would also need to complete an on-site survey before the event to test speeds and find the best solution for your event.

Yes. We allow a custom name for your Wi-Fi network; we will always keep one system dedicated to us for maintenance, however.

We can cover a large scale site with additional access points added to our network. This is recommended at the majority of our events as it allows complete coverage for the whole site.

Standard three-pin plugs in the UK power our kit; we can power this by a generator as well. The majority of the events we attend will provide a site office or location to power the system. However, we have agreements in place with our partners for sourcing generators at low cost as well.

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